Tips to boost your presence on local SEO for businesses with multiple locations

This post shows you can use the local search pack to boost your presence on Google

This post looks at the fastest ways to make your business appear on local search.

1. Target the right keywords 

Google normally shows 3 results in their local search pack.

So, the fastest way to get your business to appear on local SEO is to find keyword combinations that lists less than 3 results, but has atleast one result. You’ll have to spend time finding a keyword that doesn’t have too much competition, but at the same atleast has one business listed on the search pack.

2. Create location pages on your website

A lot of multi location businesses put all their addresses on one main page. This is a big mistake. Instead of one main page, have one different page for every location you’re present in.

On each of those pages optimise the URL, page titles, headers, meta tags to include the keyword plus the location. Also add the location address, contact numbers, Google map, location specific info (e.g how to get there, distance from airport etc) for each of these pages.

Make sure that the keyword chosen is similar to the keyword you’ve chosen in step 1.

3. Add these pages to sitemap

Google needs to discover these pages and the fastest way is to add them to the sitemap. Also, pointing internal links to these pages from other important pages will help in indexing these pages faster.

4. Create your google business listing

Make sure that your google listing revolves around the keyword you’ve chosen from step 1.
Create your google listing - add photos, descriptions, reviews - and verify your listing with Google (it can take upto a week).

It’s sort of grey hat - but business can appear in multiple locations just by having a physical address at that location. So investing in getting a physical address can boost your presence on search.

5. Backlinks and reviews

Backlinks to the location page from local websites in the area (like the local chamber of commerce, local partners) will help in giving your local SEO business listing a bigger boost. 

Also, actively encourage reviews for each location. This is harder to do when you have more locations to manage, but reviews are a strong signal for local SEO as they increase trust. 

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