How to merge multiple websites into one

This is the step-by-step process on how to migrate multiple websites into one website.

Let's say you have four websites -,, and and you are looking to merge all of them into one domain - website1. This is the step-by-step process on how to do the same using 301 redirects.

1. Start with the domain that gets the least traffic.

If website4 is the one that gets the least traffic, I would first create a folder under website1 - e.g. and copy all of's pages under

Do not redirect all pages to the root domain folder - Instead create different pages for all of's pages so that you are re-directing each page to it's respective page on

Once you are done redirecting all of websites4's pages, you can work your way upwards to all the other websites and repeat the same process.

It helps if the main website (e.g. has been around for a while and it isn't just a new website.

2. Set up Google Search Console

Make sure that you own all the websites on Google Search Console, and update the sitemaps for each website so that Google indexes them fast. 

In the following weeks, also look out for 404s on the search console and make sure to fix them asap to the correct URL. 

Basically it's the same process as migrating one website to another. Just treat this as a normal migration and you are good to go!

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